The Whole 9 yards
Scottish Country Dancing Performance, and beginner and intermediate classes.

The Whole Nine Yards are having a relaxing summer of Thursday evening dancing at the Morton Com- munity Center. Even though it's hot outside, we have a lovely air conditioned room at our disposal and with different people leading the class, spirits are high and laughter abounds.

Since the first of the year, the Whole Nine Yards have had a busy time of dancing in public. First, of course, was the Burns Supper. We don't really consider this a public performance as the guests at the dinner seem like family as we see many of the same faces enjoying the evening every year. Our group always enjoys dancing for this appreciative audience and the community dancing, with bagpipes accompaniment, is always an enjoyable part of the festivities.

In April, the group was invited to dance at the 80th anniversary celebration of Thomas Duncan Hall, in Lafayette. Since the Whole Nine Yards performed at the 65th anniversary of the Hall, it seemed only fitting that we dance again at the 80th. About 250 people attended the event and we managed to coax many of them to dance the Friendship Waltz.

In May, we celebrated a special event with the wedding of two of our own Whole Nine Yards members. Ivy Mills and Andy Meyer were mar- ried at the Moses Fowler House in Lafayette and one of our members, Bill Knapp, composed a beautiful new dance and we surprised Ivy and Andy by performing it at their wedding reception.

Our next event will be performing at the Feast of the Hunter's Moon in September. We don't have the time of our performances yet but we do know that we will dance both Saturday and Sunday and that fifers from the band will accompany us.

We will try a new format with the Beginner Scottish Country Dance Class this fall. From Thursday October 6th – October 27th classes will be held at the Morton Community Center 7:00pm – 8:30pm. The difference to the previous schedule is that there will only four classes not six and our hope is that the fewer classes will help your schedule and that the price of $36 will appeal to your budget.

For more information, contact Isobel Miller: (765) 463-0608
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