Scottish Society
The 42nd serves as the Scottish society for the Lafayette, Indiana, area, hosting events promoting Scottish culture. Speakers, whisky tastings, film series, golf outings, and concerts are all Scottish-interest events that have been sponsored by the 42nd.

Christopher and Edwin Layer

The Whole Nine Yards perfoms Scottish Country Dancing at events around the area, and provides dance instruction for any and all interested in Country Dancing. Courses are held year-round at West Lafayette's Morton Community Center.

Every fall, the 42nd runs a booth at the Feast of the Hunter's Moon, selling Forfar Bridies (Scottish Meat Pies). The Feast is the 42nd's major fundraiser, and can't happen without the time donated by our supporters. Please consider volunteering at the next Feast.

Since 1983, the 42nd hosts an annual Scottish Supper in honor of the birthday of Robert Burns. Held every January for over 250 attendees, the Supper offers music, dance, and the wit of Burns, as well as Scottish cuisine - featuring the most Scottish of dishes - the Haggis.

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